Corporate Social Responsibility

Worldvest is committed to environmental awareness and responsibility and will continuously assess and take positive steps to address the environmental impact of its business operations in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations as a minimum standard. Worldvest is developing an up-to-date legislation register covering all environmental legislation relevant to onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration operations within Malaysia.

We will work with our customers, employees, contractors and suppliers to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. We wish to secure a sustainable future for the communities where we are based and to conduct our business responsibly and transparently in partnership with them.

Key Elements of our CSR Policies:

  • we strive to meet the challenges presented by climate change;
  • safety is a natural priority and a core element of all of our activities;
  • we strive to protect the physical health of all of our employees and contractors whilst they are in the workplace;
  • we ensure that we receive the widest possible support for our proposals, throughout the life cycle of our activities;
  • we strive to contribute positively to global sustainability;
  • we always aim to compete vigorously with our competitors, but in a fair and ethical way;
  • we ensure that all of our suppliers are treated fairly and responsibly;
  • we strive to construct, maintain and further develop world-class safety systems across all of our operations; and
  • we comply fully with all relevant national and international laws and act in accordance with local guidelines and regulations.